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The mission of Columbus Youth Football, Inc. is to inspire youth, regardless of race, creed or national origin, to practice the ideals of sportsmanship and physical fitness in accordance with the standards of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association. The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is a nationally approved program. In addition to being a useful tool for beginning coaches, it helps to improve even the most knowledgeable of coaches. The NYSCA certification program has been endorsed unanimously by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.


First, the specific mission of the program is to familiarize all youth with the fundamentals of football and cheerleading. Secondly, to provide an opportunity to play the game in a supervised, organized and safety-oriented manner. Finally, to keep the welfare of participants free of any adult ambition and personal glory.


CYF serves central Georgia, west Georgia and Alabama.


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CYF coaches are required to obtain NYSCA certification.

Game attire for coaches will be determined by League Presidents.

The Coaches Symposium will be held on July 11 at Carver High School for Football, Cheer, and Health Coaches. Class times is 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

Atlanta Falcons Coaching Clinic Saturday, June 24th 10am-4pm